Thermocrete Sealant System

What ever form of heating you use an efficient chimney is essential for your health, safety and economy.
Thermocrete Sealant is applied by a high pressure rotating spray machine.  The sealant fills all the gaps and cracks leaving a smooth gas tight coating on the inner surface.

The Benefits

  • ISO 9001-2008 Quality Assured
  • Approved for class one chimneys and class two flues
  • Suitable for all flues
  • Less expensive than other methods
  • Quick clean installation
  • Seals all gaps and cracks
  • Leaves a smooth gas tight finish
  • Impervious to acid attack
  • Does not effectively reduce the flue size
  • Enviromentally friendly

The above values are expected to be achieved under laboratory test procedures. Site results can be expected to vary from these figures. Therefore the above results do not constitute a specification. 

Thermocrete Chimney Linings are committed to a program of expansion and development and in the interests of progress we retain the right to alter the above specifications at any time.





Case Study 1

Open fire re-lining 

The property owner called us due to smoke a fumes leaking the bedroom above where the fireplace was located. The

Case Study 2

Chimney Failure

The existing gas fire was removed due to the chimney failing when the annual service was carried out. When...

Case Study 3

Unlined Chimney

The property had two stoves installed, one was a dry stove and the other was a boiler stove that supplied heat