Thermocrete application using the Pumped System


Thermocrete’s pumped system works by pumping the Thermocrete B2c material around a rubber former that has been positioned centrally throughout the entire flue. The material will fill all cracks, voids and damaged joints, preventing any futures health and safety hazards. When the material has hardened, the rubber former will be deflated and removed. A perfectly smooth cylindrical flue will remain, providing an efficient chimney to all the latest health and safety regulations. Thermocrete’s Pumped system is also suited to industrial applications and can be used to line flue that serve boilers up to 1.5 million BTU. An industrial application is carried out in stages due the size of the flue

Over time, your flue can deteriorate and regular maintenance and repairs are essential to ensure your chimney remains safe and efficient. Without these checks, you may be putting yourself at risk by exposing yourself to the dangerous by-product’s of burning fuel. There was a reported 300 chimney related deaths from carbon monoxide poisoning last year alone.

Our teams of fully qualified chimney specialists understand the complexities of lining in all types of buildings and have experience in chimney lining across residential homes, listed buildings, industrial sites and large corporate office blocks. We also carry out any building work that may be required on your chimney whether it is the reconstruction of a faulty stack or repairs to the surrounding roof area. Our engineers are equipped to do this at the same time as lining your chimney to ensure that any disruption is kept to a minimum.


Case Study 1

Open fire re-lining 

The property owner called us due to smoke a fumes leaking the bedroom above where the fireplace was located. The

Case Study 2

Chimney Failure

The existing gas fire was removed due to the chimney failing when the annual service was carried out. When...

Case Study 3

Unlined Chimney

The property had two stoves installed, one was a dry stove and the other was a boiler stove that supplied heat