Who are ALS Chimneys?

ALS Chimneys are the North and East Yorkshire approved Installer of Thermocrete lining systems, for more info CLICK HERE .

What is Themocrete?

THERMOCRETE is a revolutionary process which allows your existing chimney to be lined without any construction work.
The material used for this is THERMOCRETE B2C a lightweight, but incredibly strong Monolthic Refractory Castable, reinforced with Ceramic Fibres. It will restore your chimney stack to perfect condition (making it stronger than new), ensuring the flue is correctly sized for the appliance, increasing the flues efficiency, completely curing the existing damage and preventing further deterioration. THERMOCRETE is impervious to combustion gasses and acid attack, it also has excellent insulation properties.

Why does my chimney need lining?

Fires, weather and acid corrosion from combustion all weaken chimneys chipping away at the internal and external walls of your chimney. Open fires, woodburners and even gas fires can cause damage to an unlined chimneys. Obvious symptons of chimney damage such as escaping smoke, the fire not drawing properly can be mistaken for mild inconvenience but they can mask more serious symptons such as leaking gases into your home including carbon monoxide which can be lethal.


Case Study 1

Open fire re-lining 

The property owner called us due to smoke a fumes leaking the bedroom above where the fireplace was located. The

Case Study 2

Chimney Failure

The existing gas fire was removed due to the chimney failing when the annual service was carried out. When...

Case Study 3

Unlined Chimney

The property had two stoves installed, one was a dry stove and the other was a boiler stove that supplied heat